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Business finances are a difficult thing to manage, and a business owner sometimes going to run into debts that they can’t solve on their own. Our debt solutions offer an easier way to manage the debts of your own business, especially if you own a small business without much support.

But how does it all work, and what makes our debt solutions worth using? Before we can answer that, you have to understand how a debt solution can be useful.

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Why Choose Us?

Finding information and assistance on finance that might help you on your business path, whether you’re a start-up, an established business, or trying to expand, can be difficult and challenging.

We are aware of the difficulties. We’re here to help you not only comprehend but also overcome them.

That’s why our Business Debt Help experts aim to assist companies in debt all throughout [if major_city=”false”]Mirfield[/if] West Yorkshire so they can have a better handle of their important business debts.

We have been voted in the list of best insolvency companies online for the last four years, and we do not plan on moving any time soon.

Our amazing team of specialists are based all around West Yorkshire, and we will always continue to offer professional advice and support in July 2024.

We specialise in helping businesses understand debts and finances and our team collaborates with various partners to assist businesses like yours.


Our experts have over 20 years of experience in the debt advice industry, so they are able to easily help you with any questions you may have about your debt.

We offer a number of great company debt help services in Mirfield and are more than happy to assist you on anything you are unsure about.

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What is Business Debt?

Debts incurred by limited companies or partnerships are known as business debts.

The law doesn’t distinguish between your personal and business funds if you’re a self-employed sole trader. There is no clear legal distinction between you and your business, meaning any debts will be classified as personal debt.

On the other hand, Limited Companies benefit from the legal separation afforded by the Ltd company structure, which means that the company’s debts are held by the company rather than the individuals.

What Causes Business Debt?

Debt is a regular occurrence for small businesses in their early stages. A new company typically uses debt financing, such as a business loan or a short-term loan, to cover the costs of its offices, employees, and the product or service it provides.

There are also many other reasons a business can be in some form of debt during its operation.

Payment & Bills

Delays in payments and unpaid bills are common problems for small companies. Hundreds of millions of pounds are written off in the UK every day due to late payments and unpaid bills.

Nonpayment to small enterprises can have a snowball effect, making it difficult for them to pay workers, buy inventory, or settle debts. Without this funding, businesses cannot invest in their employees, products and services, or market to a new audience. As a result, they are less likely to support banks and lenders.

Time Constraints

Small and medium businesses (SMEs) may also face time restrictions due to their day-to-day operations. Businesses without a designated finance officer or team responsible for planning the company’s financial future may not respond as quickly as they would like to industry developments or issues. Time constraints can also lead to a lack of forward planning for new opportunities and hasty decision-making.

Outside Factors

Debts can also be caused by external factors such as market conditions. Customer spending tends to decline when the economy and specific markets are in poor health, resulting in lower revenues.

If a corporation focuses on a niche market, it may also be impacted by changes in consumer tastes. Furthermore, financial crises can cause interest rates to skyrocket, making banks wary of lending and favouring small and medium-sized enterprises instead.

Small firms cannot compete as a result, and it is challenging for them to win business compared to financially solid, revenue-generating medium-sized companies.

Other issues within the company, such as the location of the business, valuable workers leaving, or even lawsuits, could put a stop to earnings. Unexpected problems, such as criminal activity or extreme weather, can also have a cascading effect.

How does Business Debt Help Work?

Companies that offer business aid and help, like our company, are the ones who provide assistance when it comes to major company bills such as taxes and business rates.

You can also count on our team if you need support should your creditors pursue legal action against you.

Our business assists people in analysing their business finances and determining their next moves.

How Can A Company Avoid Business Debt?

Avoiding debt is easier said than done in most circumstances sometimes it can slowly build up over time and go unnoticed until it’s too late.

Here are a few ways your company can avoid getting into debt:

If you would like further advice, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts today!

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Debt Help Costs

The cost of dealing with debt depends on the type of debt you need to cover and the extent of the help you need to solve the debt problem. The average cost of debt advice in Mirfield can vary from £90-£2,000.

This is dependent on the type of advice you want for example:

Debt Relief Order

If your company needs a debt relief order it is only £90 to apply for one and it could potentially get your company out of debt depending on how big the debt is.

County Court Administration Order

This cost is usually 10% or less of your overall debt so if your debt was £20,000 your fee would be £2,000 at 10%.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement

Three factors add to an IVA’s cost: A Nominee fee, A Supervisor fee and Disbursements.

The Nominee fee is the cost for assisting you when giving the IVA proposal to your creditors the fee could either be the first 5 payments into the IVA or £2,000

A Supervisor fee is 15% of any more contributions to cover the ongoing costs of the IVA

Disbursements protect any money paid into your IVA, system maintenance, and the IVA registration fee.

business debt help Mirfield

Benefits of Business Debt Help

If you need help dealing with debts from business suppliers, bank loans or other sources, hiring a business debt help company like ours can certainly be helpful.

Third parties are the best place to go for impartial advice, and we will work as hard as possible to ensure that you continue trading, completely free of the debt you were burdened with.

Another important benefit of working with our business debt help company is that your debts belong settled and forgotten. Whether you are a sole trader or a limited company registered in multiple countries, we can help keep your business bank account positive and your payment arrangement clearly defined.

Other key benefits you can find when hiring a team like ours are as follows:

Types of Business Debt Help We Offer

We can assist you with the best specifications, costs and prices. Make sure you contact us today for a number of great Business Debt Help services in Mirfield West Yorkshire.

Business-related debts can come from a range of sources, and not all debt advice or solutions apply to them all equally. One of the most common is income tax debt, followed by the lease debt from commercial business premises. There can also be energy debts, costs of hired equipment, and multiple more.

Not all of these will be a priority debt – a debt that causes serious problems if they are left to build up – but they can still be a problem.

Our debt solutions can work towards fixing your debt, but we need to know more about your situation, where the debt came from, and anything else you can tell us.

Whilst every debt is important, it is always good to have a list of debts in order of priority/urgency. The urgency of the debts to be repaid is generally based on the likelihood that you will be threatened with a statutory demand.

We have listed the most common Priority and Non Priority debts below:

Priority Debts

Non Priority Debts


business debt solutions Mirfield

Are you personally liable for business debts?

The answer to this question depends on whether you’re a sole trader or if you’re part of a limited company. Let’s discuss the differences here:

As a Sole Trader

Self-employed people and sole traders may own office space and have a brand name, but there is no distinction between them and the business. You would be personally liable for any debts, and they are treated as personal liabilities – you have a legal obligation to try and pay them back.

As a Limited Company

As a limited company director, you won’t be personally liable in most cases. However, there are situations where this can be the case: signing a personal guarantee and then failing to meet it, personally overdrawing on a loan or trading while insolvent can all cause this kind of liability.


What Happens If a Sole Trader Cannot Pay Debts?

Sole traders often end up in a unique situation since they are their company. This means that a county court judgment and eventual county court action can eventually put them in danger of being bankrupt themselves.

There is not generally a way to separate the debt from the individual in this situation, at least not without passing it off to another company or coming to some beneficial arrangement.

Here, working with an Insolvency Practitioners Association member is even more important since a licensed insolvency practitioner is much more likely to protect your funds – which, as a sole trader, are part of your regular bank account.

How Much Debt is Too Much For a Small Business?

In many cases, debt above 30% of your business’ capital can be a serious concern but not necessarily bad. Remember that the cause of the debt is more important.

In most cases, though, having any debt you are uncomfortable with is bad. Entering a voluntary arrangement to lessen it can work, but the debt still exists in a different form.

It really depends on your income and the business’ overall profits, so do not follow the “30%” as a solid statistic. You can have a debt worth under 25% of your capital and still be in trouble, especially if interest is involved.

Is my business debt tax deductible?

A business loan is not tax-deductible, but you can claim any interest that a loan may have accumulated. However, the loan must have been used for company purposes, and you may have to prove that you did not use it on personal items or services.

A core piece of advice to always follow is to keep personal and business money separate. Using a business loan with business rates on personal items can be tempting, but this will get a limited company in trouble if taken to an extreme.

What is a Company Voluntary Arrangement?

A company voluntary arrangement (CVA) is a process that allows a business to resolve debts by paying only a part of what it owes to creditors.

A CVA allows a business to reach an agreement with creditors over the payment of its debts.

Can a business control debt?

In short, yes, it’s highly possible for a business to control the debt incurred. The best way to control debt in Mirfield is to be smart about your situation. First of all, when working with a third party like us, give as much relevant personal information as possible, from your company number to more specific details about the debt itself. Third-party cookies can keep these details saved on websites.

Are you a sole trader? Have you been actively paying for National Insurance? Could your tax code have changed? The more we know about your situation, the more confidential advice we can offer, giving you practical self-help options based on the circumstances of your own debt.

While each business can try to cut back on its expenses and raise money to pay off a debt, there is not always time. Sometimes, a more immediate solution is needed, and that is when you might have to rely on more than just checking your interest rates or cutting back on what you spend.

Can business debts affect your personal credit?

The impact of a business debt on your personal income and credit ratings can vary based on your position within the company. As mentioned before, a self-employed sole trader is responsible for all debts so a major priority debt will impact their credit ratings in the long run.

Running your business as a limited company will save you from this since the business name is applied to the debt, not your own. However, this can change if you are using your own personal credit to try and finance the business, especially if you change key documents to your own name and not the business name.

How can I get my business out of debt?

There are 5 common ways to reduce business debts: selling more, reducing costs, consolidating debt, improving your payment terms, and getting a better strategy for debt.

What about personal liability?

If you have personal liability for the funds and debts of your limited company or simply do not want any more money worries and debt problems, then we can definitely help.

Each case is different, and a debt solution in one situation will not always be the ideal option in another. Because of this, it is important to explain your exact situation and the kind of debt solutions you are willing to take.

Free debt advice can help a lot, but when you are barely able to make debt repayments, a better option might be needed.

What is consumer debt?

Consumer debt, also referred to as personal debt, is owed as a result of buying goods that will be used for individual or household consumption. Some of examples of personal debts are credit card debt, student loans, auto loans, mortgages and payday loans. Personal debts are commonly used for personal consumption instead of debts incurred by businesses or government activity.

Economists have deemed personal debts as a suboptimal form of financing as it often comes with high-interest rates that can become much more difficult for you to pay off. There is a tool known as the consumer leverage ratio (CLR) that tracks the aggregate level of personal debt in a given country

Searches Associated With Business Debt

Keep an eye out for the following keywords associated with business debt in the UK:

We have seen the following associated phrases mentioned:


At the most basic level, you can try to manage debt repayments by selling more and reducing costs to turn more of a profit, letting you recover debts over time.

However, in extreme cases, you may need a specialised debt solution to deal with the problem. That’s where we come in.

If you want to know more, you can contact us directly to ask any burning questions on your mind. Debts are scary, and finding a way to build up a proper strategy can be hard, so our expertise might end up being the thing that saves your company – or your personal finances – from being drained.

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